What are Scale7 Labs?

Scale7 Labs are a space for local creative entrepreneurs to be connected to the tools they need to bring their ideas and their brand vision into reality

In our maker-oriented Scale7 Labs companies and individuals can access digital fabrication and craft tools to practise multidisciplinary work in a hands-on environment. Scale7 Labs is the central location in Doha where to meet the most interesting brands creating innovative products and services. Additionally, we provide networking and learning opportunities locally and abroad.

Looking for a space to host your fashion and design events?

Drop us an email if you want to have Scale7 as your hosting partner for your next event related to fashion, design or jewellery. For more information, please contact labs@scale7.qa

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In the Digital Fabrication lab you have access to a series of digital manufacturing machines for prototyping and small-batch production. The highly efficient flatbed laser cutter is ideal for demanding cutting & engraving applications in plastic, wood, textiles and many different materials.

Design Consultancy

Consultancy on prototyping projects and products.

  • Concept optimization

  • Design phase

  • Agile Execution with machines

  • Post production

Fee-per-hour rates

  • Design Engineering - Making your design feasible, create the specifications necessary to implement an accurate 3D model, or a file ready to be laser/vinyl cutted

  • Modelling - Creation of a 3D model file that can be 3D printed depending on the design we can support with the 3D modelling or connect you with a network of professionals.

  • Design a vector file - To be laser/vinyl cut

  • 3D printing - We can print your design for you, optimizing the file for a production with a third party manufacturer!

  • Laser and Vinyl cut - We can laser/cut your design on different materials or create amazing stickers using the vinyl cutter!

  • Finishing - This phase is necessary with SLA 3D printing, the printed piece has to be washed and curated

Facility Rental

Renting facilities with a supporting operator.

  • File optimization

  • Machine production

  • Post production

Fee-per-hour rates

Available Machines

3D printers (Ultimaker and Formlabs)

Laser cutter (90x120 cm)

Vinyl cutter (max width 159,4 cm\ max thickness 0.8mm)

Scale7 Fashion Studio is ideal for hybrid methods of garment manufacturing. Create your own prototypes with our industrial sewing machines (singer) and use the studio to develop your ideas.

Available Machines

Sewing machine

Overlock machine

Snap button and cover button press

From torch soldering guns to professional workbenches, the studio is fully-equipped for jewellery making. Wireworking, wax carving and metal soldering are just a few of the possibilities for small scale designs and accessories. Traditional crafting techniques can mix and evolve with innovative solutions coming from the digital fabrication lab and its potential applications.

Available Equipment

Butane Torches

Heat Pickler

Jewelers Saws

Rotary Tool, Jewellery Drills & Bits

Small Anvils

Work Benches with Leds Lights

Pliers, Cutters, Shears (different types)


Fion tool, Bench blocks, Dapping block, Swage block, Swage block


Gauge (different types)

Abrasive & Polishing Tools

Buffing & Burrs

Check Out Our Upcoming Programs

The photo-studio at Scale7 aims at supporting young designers and rising fashion startups. Moreover, if you are an established company and wish to do a photo-shoot in our space, feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] to discover our corporate rates.

Rent of the Space

  • Half-day 300 QAR

  • Full-Day 570 QAR

Rent of the Space & Equipment

Renting of the space and Photo equipment

  • Half-day 400 QAR

  • Full-Day 670 QAR

Time slots: 9am-13pm / 14pm-18pm

Sunday to Thursday

Available Equipment

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Camera

Remote Shutter Release

Wacom Intuos Pro Medium ? Graphic tablet

External flash for Canon camera

Backdrop: green, grey

Printer: Epson SC5000 17''

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Looking for a space to host your fashion and design events?

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